M4V Converter Plus for Win
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The All-in-one M4V Converter Plus for Windows

Do you feel very disappointed when your purchased iTunes videos cannot be played on your portable media player, just because these videos are DRM M4V format? There is no need to worry about that now. M4V Converter Plus for Win comes to help you. Just a matter of a few simple steps, you can enjoy your favorite videos at will.

Purchased M4V videos or rent movies from iTunes are DRM-protected. You can only play them on Apple devices and access them on no more than five computers at a time.

M4V Converter Plus for Win can convert purchased M4V into other popular formats at great speed, thus helps you get rid of all the restrictions above. Besides, you will excitedly find that the quality of the converted and original videos are almost the same. Why not have a try now?

Features in the spotlight

  • Convert purchased M4V videos at high speed.
  • Convert iTunes movie rentals easily and quickly
  • Remove DRM protection from purchased M4V videos.
  • Convert M4V to MP4, AVI, 3GP, 3G2, FLV, MPG etc.
  • Many preset output formats to meet your media player.
  • Convert HD M4V movies with great quality.
  • Customize the output video format to individualize the video.
  • Batch conversion.

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Detailed Functions of M4V Converter Plus for Win

Free from DRM

With high-speed recording technology, M4V Converter Plus for Win remove DRM protection from purchased M4V videos quickly and legally. Thus you can free from the restrictions by DRM.

Sufficient presets to meet your requirements

M4V Converter Plus for Win supports various output formats including MP4, AVI, 3GP, 3G2, FLV and MPG to meet your requirements.

Besides, all the output formats are classified according to different portable media players, so it is convenient for you to choose a compatible output preset for portable video player.

High-quality converted videos

More people worry about the quality of the output movies. If conversion cannot guarantee high-quality video effects, you would rather leave it as it was, wouldn't you?

Well, you can rest assured to use M4V Converter Plus for Win. Because, M4V Converter Plus features most in its high quality converted files, which has been proved by practice. It is sure that you feel happy with your converted videos. why not have a try to experience the high quality yourself?

Fully customizable output parameters

There are rich options like video codec, size, bitrate, aspect ratio for output videos and audio codec, bitrate, channel for output audios. You can adjust the parameters as you wish.

After selecting certain output format, the right column will show general standard of the format. By clicking certain settings, you may specify it, or just keep all the default settings to get the best output quality. Click the "CONVERT" button, and you can get your self-customized video in a short time. The default setting assures high-quality converted videos for you.

Batch conversion

No need to convert M4V videos one by one, because batch conversion is supported by M4V Converter Plus for Win. Click Add Movies button to select purchased M4V videos, and just by a press of Convert button, you can get a number of converted videos for a short while.

Don't worry the conversion will affect the quality of the original videos. M4V Converter Plus assures you high quality converted files. Don't you want a try?

M4V Converter Plus for Win is a well-designed Converter in respond to customers' requirement. Practical, smart and easy-to-use, M4V Converter Plus for Win can definitely become your right-hand assistant.


What is DRM?

DRM is short for Digital Rights Management. Due to the special features of digital information in modern world, how to protect the producer's property right has become more important. DRM emerges under such a condition to avoid property right invasion.

The restriction brought by DRM

The videos people bought or rent from iTunes Store are DRM protected M4V format. These m4v videos can be only played on a restricted devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. Besides you can only play the purchased M4V video on five computers at a time.

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