M4V Converter Plus for Mac
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How to register M4V Converter Plus for Win step by step

M4V Converter Plus is an all-in-one video converter application for windows, it can convert any video files including DRM files in your iTunes to unprotected M4V or MOV files.

The trail version of M4VConverterPlus can only convert 1 minute of each video you want to convert. After you have bought a license, we'll send you keycode via Email.

Before you start to register, we advise you to download the latest version of M4V Converter Plus, and install it.


Steps to register M4V Converter Plus for Win

Tips: For the Version 5.1.0, users need to register the software online. Even you have registered the software successfully, when you upgrade to the Version 5.1.0, you still need to register online again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Step1: Run M4V Converter Pls for Win. First you should click the menu button on the top-right corner on the interface. And then a menu will pop up. Please select the register item to open the register window.

Step2: The register window will popup. Please use ctrl+c to copy, and ctrl+v to paste your "Registration Name" and "Registration Code" into the register window. Then click the "OK" button.


1. Make sure the both "Registration Name" and "Registration Code" are provided by our company after you pay the registration fee. If you have not paid, please click Buy online to purchase.

2. "Registration Name" and "Registration Code" you enter is both kept completely and correctly, if wrong, an error message will pop up as below:

Step3: Registration finished, and then M4V Converter Plus is full version without limitation.