M4V Converter Plus for Mac
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Remove DRM from protected iTunes video

I recently purchased a few movies from iTunes Store that guys are always talking about and using. For some reason they won't play on my video iPod and I can't play them on my iPhone, either. Hell, A friend suggested that it might have something to do with DRM, whatever that is. So, how do I remove DRM from my purchased files?

Yes, the purchased video files are DRM protected, if you want to play the files on iPod or iPhone, the conversion to remove the DRM is necessary. M4V Converter Plus is the right DRM removal tool to remove iTunes video DRM.

With this iTunes DRM Removal for Mac, you can bypass the Apple Fairplay DRM protection from all your iTunes movies, TV shows and music videos, both purchases and rentals. It can convert iTunes protected M4V videos to plain MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, AVI and any other format with lossless quality.

How to Remove DRM from protected iTunes videos

Add iTunes videos to DRM removal software

Step 1: Click "Add Movies" button, it will open the iTunes playlist. Find the videos you want to convert.

set output format

2. Then click format profile list to choose the output format.

start the conversion

3. After all settings done, now start the iTunes videso DRM removing progress by clicking "Convert" button.

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