M4V Converter Plus for Mac
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iTunes Movies Rental Converter - make the life more economical

Because of the iTunes Movie Rentals, now you can rent movies from iTunes and watch them with your Mac or Windows computer, iPhone, or a supported video-enabled iPod, or on your TV using your Apple TV.

Why need a iTunes movies rental converter?

From the apple website, you can know the iTunes Store movie rental usage rules are a great many (You can know the detailed info in the Vii).

The limitations are too much, not to say, you want to play it on other mobile players. But M4V Converter Plus can help you. It is a professional iTunes Rent movies Converter, it can convert any movies rent from iTunes store to unprotected MOV, M4V, MP4 formats.

What can the iTunes rent movies converter do?

You can convert the iTunes movies rental.

You can also convert the M4V movies bought from iTunes Store.

Convert any DRM M4V videos and convert any video on your iTunes library.

Batch conversion is supported.

The output quality is the best in the all M4V Converter software.

High Converting Speed.

It is very to use.

You can also extract the audio files from the DRM M4V files.

It's a universal application, works on both Intel-based Mac and PPC-based Mac.

iTunes Movie Rentals Review

Apple has once again pushed forward the digital entertainment marketplace with its iTunes Movie Rental service. Though it's not perfect, after having used Apple's iTunes Movie Rental service a couple of times in the week since it was unveiled, I'd say that this is the best offering of its kind to date and may point the way to how we'll get our movies in the future.

The iTunes Video Rentals service works just about as smoothly as all the other services you've come to expect from the iTunes Store.

How to rent movies from the iTunes Store on your computer?

1. In iTunes on your computer, click iTunes Store.

2. In the iTunes Store, find a movie you want to rent.

3. Click Rent. Your movie will begin to download immediately.

Once the movie is downloaded, you can watch it on your computer or transfer the rental to a supported iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV:

1. Connect the device and select it in iTunes.

2. Click the Movies tab (for iPod), or the Videos tab (iPhone or Apple TV)

3. Select the movie, and then click.

4. After all movies have been moved, click "Apply" in the lower right corner of iTunes.

You must be connected to the Internet to transfer a rented movie.

The iTunes Store movie rental usage rules are as follows:

You have 30 days to watch the movie after the download completes. You can start watching the movie while it is still downloading.

Once you've started to watch the movie, you have 24 hours to finish watching the movie (even if you start watching before the download is complete). You can watch the movie as many times as you want within this 24-hour period.

The rented movie will expire when either the 30 day or 24-hour limit is reached. Once the rental expires, the movie is automatically deleted. You must re-rent and download the movie to view it after your rented movie has expired.

You can move the movie between devices as many times as you wish during the rental period, but the movie can only be played on one device at a time. If you rent the movie on your Apple TV, it is not transferable to any other device and you must watch it on your Apple TV.

On your device, the time remaining for you to finish watching the movie appears near the movie title.

You can only play your rented movies on the computer you rented it from and only if it is authorized to play your iTunes Store purchases and rentals.

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