Powerful iTunes M4V rental converter

Knowledge - Buy or rent movies and watch them from iTunes store

From comedy to drama, romance to classic, independent to thriller - movies, movies, and more movies await on the iTunes Store. Browse thousands of releases from every major Hollywood studio. Buy or rent them in standard or high definition. With just a click, they'll download to your computer, iPhone, iPod touch, or television via Apple TV. When you buy select movies, you'll discover a world of special features called iTunes Extras - you can watch interviews and trailers, view photos, and more in your iTunes library on your Mac or PC.

Rent movies from iTunes store - limitations

You rent movies from iTunes store. Do you know limitations about these movies? iTunes M4V rental can only play on 1 device. These M4V movies are protected by DRM. You could NOT play them on your own mobile devices other than Apple devices.

How to play iTunes M4V rental everywhere?

If you want to play iTunes M4V rental, you need to remove the DRM protection from M4V. Well then, you have to use a M4V converter. Here, you can see a powerful tool, called M4V Converter Plus. To remove DRM protection, M4V Converter Plus is your best choice.

Main functions

Batch M4V Video Conversion

This M4V converter software supports batch conversion. You can add batch of videos to the software and convert them to single format. The software can convert them one by one.

Drag files directly

The newest version of M4V Converter Plus allows you to drag M4V files to convert directly.

Support any iTunes M4V

M4V Converter Plus is a professional M4V video converter. It converts almost all video formats could be played on your iTunes, includes DRM M4V your purchased. Convert any M4V format to unprotected MOV, MP4 format.

Support converting iTunes M4V rental

It supports to convert iTunes M4V rental. If your iTunes can play the M4V rental, M4V Convert Plus will convert iTunes M4V rental for you.

Customize for your player

You can convert m4v video to MP4 as the same quality. You can also select to convert M4V for iPod, iPhone. After conversion, you can play the video on the software.

How to convert iTunes M4V rental?

Now, you could see detailed steps about how to convert iTunes M4V renral.

Step 1: Download and install the powerful M4V Converter Plus. Launch it.

Step 2: Click "Add Files" in the main interface. Add the M4V video files you rented from the iTunes. You can add many videos to the software, and M4V Converter Plus will do batch conversion for you.

Step 3: Click "Output". Choose location to save your files.

Step 4: Click "Profile" to choose format you need. You can see M4V Converter Plus supports various formats such as m4v for ipod, m4v for iphone, MOV.

Step 5: Finally, click the button "Convert". Few seconds later, you can complete the conversion.