How to add files from iTunes

Add Movies from iTunes

The steps of adding files:

Step 1: Click the Add Movies button or Add Files icon´╝łOr do this through the menu item File->Add files to converting list), then the adding window pops up and all available videos will be listed as follows:

Add videos to convert

Tips: The program allows you to import files from different iTunes library (Default is Movies)

Step 2: Locate and select the files you want to import.

Step 3:Click the Add button, then you can see all the files you chose are shown in the file list.

Tips: You can also drag *.m4v files to the list directly from your disc or other location.

Remove the files

The steps of removing files:

Step 1: Select the files you want to delete.

Step 2: Click the Remove button(Or do this through the menu item File->Remove from converting list), then you can see the files you chose are deleted.

Tips: You can move the mouse to the file which you want to delete, it will show the Remove button, and you can click it to delete the file.